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Here at Seating Specialists, we want our customers to experience entertainment with comfort. That starts with our top of the line products. With companies like Grey Stone, which features products made & assembled in the USA & also offers Green Products, Victor Stanley, Sedia and more, we assure you that you will be 100% satisfied. Go ahead and browse through our products, contact us with any questions you may have. 

Auditorium Seating 

Various colors and styles are available for new auditorium seating.  In addition, other options include folding arm tablets and power/data columns.  This is a great feature for large scale educational opportunities.

Bleacher Systems

We offer both indoor and outdoor bleacher systems.  Indoor telescoping bleachers come in wood or 
plastic module.  Colors for plastic modules can be made to match school colors.  Other options include recoverable wheelchair cut-outs, tractor bleacher motors, small portable power tractor, self storing end rails & mounting for double wheelchair guard. 
Our outdoor aluminum bleachers come in all sizes.  3 row to 30 plus rows are available.  Tip n' Roll bleachers are a great space saver.  Code requirements have changed for outdoor bleachers, therefore, existing stands of bleachers need to be brought up to code.  Seating Specialists, LLC can facilitate this correction for you. 
Marker Boars & Resurfacing Skins

Marker boards and resurfacing skins are made of high pressure laminate, making it the most durable and economic dry-erase surface.  Marker boards and resurfacing skins are dust free and resistant wear, stains and high temperatures.  Resurfacing skins are a cost saver and a great way to update existing boards.